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Everything will be okay

Who will understand how i feel? Who will know how i feel? It feels like everyone is laughing at me. There’s nobody i can rely on. I told my self that it’s okay. I thought i got used to it. I kneel down in front of the despair that came to visit me again. I am alone again.

A girl is sitting alone in the middle of the night. Meanwhile there is also a boy who passing by. He see her and then walking into her. But wait, is the girl crying? Her shoulder seems trembling. “Listen to this. It’ll help. At least it did for me.” Said the boy while he give her his mp3 player. And the girl is just looking at him as she wipe her tears and receive what he gave. “You should listen to it okay.” He said as he leave her alone again She put on the earphone then she listen to it.

I’ll be on your side. I’ll tell you it’s okay. I’ll tell you that everything will be okay, and that you’ll shine.That you are precious to me.

When you feel like everything is over. remember my voice. It’s okay. Everything will be okay.

from you are all surrounded ep 13.



Just an ordinary girl who try hard to find herself

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